ADR Neutrals

The members of GKHS are regularly retained by private parties to act as neutrals in mediation, and are known for their dedication to resolving matters in which they are retained.

Each of the partners of GKHS have acted as judicial arbitrators under the San Francisco Superior Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. Jeremy Sugerman and Geoffrey Gordon-Creed are active panelists with the San Francisco Superior Court’s Early Settlement Program, in which the Bar Association of San Francisco assigns civil cases for mediation before trial. Mr. Sugerman and Mr. Gordon-Creed both have strong track records of getting cases settled.

Jeremy Sugerman has been a panelist for the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Attorney/Client Fee Dispute program since 2000. Either as a sole arbitrator, or as the chief arbitrator of a three-arbitrator panel, Mr. Sugerman has heard and resolved fee disputes with claims ranging in size from a few thousand to millions of dollars.